Based on forty years experience, Ray Friant believes that CEOs and Directors are wise to have an independent Total Organization Analysis (TOA®) done periodically—for most organizations once every four to six years. While this belief is held for all organizations of more than a few hundred employees, it is especially true for organizations whose performance is mediocre to failing.

As described in Beyond Buzzwords, all organizations tend to morph over a five to ten year period to become something different from the intentions of their management team and existing charter. Usually this change is gradual, perhaps unperceived. But when an objective analysis is done, and the true situation is arrayed against the charter, glaring differences become visible. Further, there are times when the existing charter has outlived its usefulness and needs to be adjusted to assure viability into a new era. In this situation, Friant believes that the change should be done in a conscious, deliberate manner via the use of a TOA®. It should not be left for an uncontrolled osmosis, which could cause the organization to drift to an unsustainable position.

For many solid reasons, management leaders will come to realize that not doing a Total Organization Analysis every 4 to 6 years is a major missed opportunity, while doing a TOA® is also a powerful defense against accusations of incompetence. Beyond Buzzwords forcefully expresses the idea that board of directors members will become a powerful initial force for universal adoption of Total Organization Analysis as defined within the book. Further, acceptance by the army of emerging executives will form the largest market segment. Together, Ray Friant and Beyond Buzzwords fulfill what Jeff Brown calls, “…the author as a publishing franchise for which a book is one component of a fully integrated marketing platform incorporating media, consulting, public speaking and online communities."

Beyond Buzzwords clearly describes the philosophy and rules for achieving success with Total Organization Analysis (TOA®). By stringently following the rules, organizations can assure themselves that their efforts will be successful. However, CEOs, Directors, and Financial Bankers who wish to understand TOA®s in greater depth before an analyst/coach is retained are free to contact Ray to get his help.