Ray FriantWhether it comes from his parents who were teachers, or is a natural gift, Ray Friant has always had the knack of teaching. When this exceptional skill is coupled with his analytic mind, the result is a compelling, productive educational experience. Over the years, individual management teams, as well as rooms full of seminar attendees, have benefited from his experience and wisdom. Below are some speaking topics of current interest.

The New Agenda for Directors, CEOs, and Executives (based on Beyond Buzzwords)

The best learning requires repetition. And the repetition of the spoken and written word is quite helpful while learning the lessons presented in Beyond Buzzwords. For this reason, Ray Friant has developed a basic three-hour presentation to introduce the book’s concepts, and to provide a forum for attendees to ask questions.

This basic presentation can be expanded or contracted to accommodate the available time. Further, Friant is willing to participate in small group discussions, work with senior executives one-on-one, and/or be part of a panel discussion according to the wishes of forum organizers.

Total Organization Analysis

The “rubber meets the road” when organizations commit to doing a Total Organization Analysis (TOA®). Having Ray Friant teach personnel the vital concepts for achieving a successful TOA® is highly beneficial. Personnel will learn first hand the sequence that must be followed, the ground rules for doing a TOA®, and the “dos” and “don’ts” that spell the difference between success and failure in TOA®s.

The Human Resource Focus

Human Resource functions that have the support of top management can do wonders in fostering the environment for success. As Beyond Buzzwords includes many lessons for individuals, for small groups, and for entire management teams, human resources personnel can expand their professional capability by studying the content of the book. Thus armed, HR can run in-house courses to raise the understanding of all professionals, and especially of the management ranks. Ray Friant is enthusiastic about personally sharing his knowledge and experience with HR personnel who often have a greater natural understanding of the subjects presented than do other professionals.

Keynote Speaking

Ray Friant has many years experience working with senior executives and management teams both singly and in groups. Often one of the most important forums at a management conference is the time devoted to education. In order for the education to be successful the stage has to be set for learning. Setting the stage is the roll of the Keynote Speaker.

Executives must turn off their day-to-day focus and adjust their minds for new learning that, when applied, will raise their performance level. Jogging executives out of their pre-existing focus is not easy. This is especially true when executives are pre-occupied with a crisis, or when the learning explores subjects about which executives have strong pre-conceived notions, especially when those notions are wrong. In this situation an expert is needed.

Friant’s skill is in casting doubt about the superiority of existing stances, and in clearly conveying the coming learning with its possibilities for a quantum leap in performance. Depending on the educational goals of the meeting, the group of educators involved, and the nature of the sessions (i.e., lecture, discussion group, case studies, panels, etc.), Friant constructs a presentation to set the stage for success.

To accomplish the objective, CEOs are encouraged to work with Ray during the meeting planning process so that the education is seamlessly integrated into the overall conference plans and objectives.

Psychological Type Theory for Executives and Senior Management

Psychological Type Theory has been around since the Second World War. However, for some reason it has not become an actively used tool of senior management. This is unfortunate because understanding how individuals think and operate is vital to successful management.

Beyond Buzzwords includes a brief introduction to Type theory, which is then used throughout the book to illustrate the meaning of both beneficial and destructive management actions. In fact, Ray Friant is the first successful senior executive to write about how Psychological Type can be used in active management. Executives, managers, and HR personnel can all enhance their management skills by considering with Ray the “normal psychology” that controls the behavior of all individuals.