Advanced Management Press was founded to give voice to reasoned authors espousing changes or additions to management practices that will help overcome the debacles like Enron and the recent implosion of FEMA. Advanced Management Press sends change concepts to a jury of senior, experienced executives, and selects for publication those that have compelling merit.

Today’s reality is that publishers are most interested in non-controversial, quick reads of mainline management thought—preferably by a publicly recognized “success” personality. Interestingly, at the publishing industry’s conferences, leaders often articulate that change is welcome. For examples, according to Wiley general manager Jeff Brown, "We want to publish books that respond to the current realities of the corporate world…” The bottom line, says Brown, is that "you have to be a visionary about what areas are around the corner…” As for the future, Harper Business’ Stephen Hanselman sees business readers "getting back inside the a much more creative and passionate attempt to really understand…their organization, products and services… After a decade of surfing the best practices of other companies, readers are now shifting toward books that help to fuse relevant best practices to a deeper understanding of the core competencies of their own businesses." These ideas are very welcome and needed. However, the publishing world and their readers still have a ways to go before the articulated desire and the publishing industry reality agree.