Beyond Buzzwords by Ray FriantWhy You Need To Own, Read, and Use
the Practical Theory Contained In BEYOND BUZZWORDS

Ray Friant has examined more than a hundred businesses to learn why they were seriously underperforming. His findings are universal and applicable to all organizations with more than a few hundred employees. Today, it is crucial that Directors, CEOs, and Executives of businesses and government understand his findings in depth in order to manage their organizations toward excellence, and to stay away from failure.

The problem

As today’s products and services have grown to incorporate myriad levels of technology, and the complexity of organizations has grown exponentially, the practice of management has stayed somewhat static. Yes, sophisticated computer programs and very detailed reports abound. But this hasn’t eliminated the implosions in business and government, such as Enron and FEMA; over half of all organizations miss their mandated performance. Friant’s analysis shows that the major problems are at the top, and of the whole. Beyond Buzzwords clearly illustrates that:

The solution

The solution won’t come by waving a wand. Hard work is required. Fortunately, Peter Drucker has done the world a favor by observing that the cult of the superhuman CEO has been disproved, and Ram Charan has written about the CEO succession crisis. These influence leaders have cracked open the door that leads to a modified role for the CEO. While twenty-first century organizations will continue to be managed by strong CEOs, the modifications recommended in Beyond Buzzwords will stem the explosion of failing organizations. This will be done by:

Other Uses for Beyond Buzzwords

Human Resources Personnel

  1. Strong Human Resources personnel can play a vital role in changing the organization culture by educating executives and managers to the lessons covered in Beyond Buzzwords relative to people, careers, organization operations, and the processes for doing day-to-day work, and for changing the organization’s long-term focus and capability.
  2. Human Resource personnel can also be a crucial, indispensable force in facilitating management teams to embrace doing a TOA® in their organization. To be successful, HR personnel must become pro-active advocates—they cannot be passive doormats.

MBA Students

  1. The chapters of Beyond Buzzwords are arranged in a learning sequence, i.e., individuals, management careers, organization structure, management processes, and financial yardsticks. This sequence was purposeful in order to first facilitate learning, and second to be a quick reference for refreshing one’s memory of chapter content.
  2. The insights presented are very down-to-earth—they are what really happen in twenty-first century organizations. Understanding the content at the beginning of a career gives individuals a leg-up in the competitive world of a management career in business or government.
  3. Although all chapters present valuable content, the chapter on “Financial Yardsticks” stands alone in on-going importance to young managers. Learning how to ask for, understand, and correctly use financial information is a critical skill in both “managing” and “communicating”. The world of accounting has its own language, as does law, engineering, marketing, etc. Being able the bridge the understanding gulf between accounting results and management helps managers become indispensable.